top container on a screen with height: 100vh; and overflow: hidden; scrolls on top

setting a top container on a screen with 

height: 100vh;
overflow: hidden; or
overflow-y: hidden;
one sub container with a margin or a padding and overflow-y: hidden;
and two more
does not block the screen from being scrolled on top. Bottom stays sticky though.

Hi Giorgos,

Is this a question or a statement/knowledge sharing? What do you expect from us? Do you have an issue and if so, please describe this issue in detail including the steps you have taken yourself to analyse this issue (including it's outcomes). 



The statement is that touch events on the iOS safe area where the margin/padding is over the progressbar are causing the container to scroll. The question is if anybody knows how to disable the scrolling besides overflow-y: hidden; which does not apply in the safe area.

Also did not help setting
position: -webkit-sticky !important;
position: sticky !important;