Linecount when Exporting to Excel

Linecount when Exporting to Excel


According to the documentation for the optional Max. Records property on a refresh query, if no value is set the platform will use StartIndex + LineCount + 1 when used in Widgets and no limit when exporting to Excel.

That is definitely what should happen, but the Export to Excel link that IntelliWarp generates does not export all of the filtered records.  It appears to be using the same limit as the table widget itself is using.

One workaround is to make sure that you are on the last page, but I know that users will expect the export to include all pages no matter which page they are on when exporting.

Is this a bug?  Or is there a simple way to get the right behavior?
Hi Dee,

Yes you are right, that issue has been detected and fixed and it should be included in the next revision.

Tiago Simões