[IdP Mobile] Login problem with iOS MFA using Athenticator app

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Published on 20 Mar by Telmo Martins
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Published on 20 Mar by Telmo Martins


I have an issue where users cannot log in after changing their Azure MFA method to using the Authenticator App on iOS. 

The steps they use are:

 1. go to app. 

2. click login with AD account

3. enter email address, 

4. Enter password for ad account, 

5. verify MFA via Authenticator App

then get error

The error is just "Error loading https://sts.company.domain/adfs/la/?client-request-id=......."

This only seems to affect iOS on the Production environment, even though Dev and Prod are using the same Azure Ad environment. It seems to work OK using a phone call or text message for MFA.

Any help here would be appreciated.