[Data Grid] Request: Incorporate/Include new 5.20201.680 wijmo.grid.selection library

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Published on 13 Oct (10 days ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 13 Oct (10 days ago) by OutSystems R&D

I know the that datagrid is currently is using it own wrapper around row based checkbox selections based on pseudo code from various wijmo examples that were current at the time of the initial datagrid development and then referenced wijmo version.

Version 2.14.0 of the DataGrid included an upgrade to version 5.20201.680 of the wijmo libraries.  In version 5.20201.680, wijmo added a new functionality to support checkbox row selection without the need for custom code.

1. It would optimal to use the new standard wijmo selection libraries vs a custom implementation.

2. Add the OutSystemsifed version of the wijmo.grid.selection file to the wijmo resource files that are included in the datagrid component.

Depending on the project, I use the DataGrid component as it is intended or use the DataGrid component as javascript library and manually use the OutSystemsified wijmo namespace to create the grid via javascript.

3.  It would also be nice if datagrid component had an option to reference all OutSystems licensed wijmo resource files.  The wijmo libraries come in 4 difference flavors of javascript to support different javascript module loading patterns.  OutSystems is not using a compatible wijmo supported module loading pattern, thus OutSystems OutSystemsifies a particular version of the wijmo libraries such that it loads in OutSystems and needs to consolidates the wijmo namespace hierarchy down to just wijmo.  The OutSystemsifications of the wijmo libraries is a complicated process on minifiied code and for some reason there are lots on common parameter letters being changed between the two versions of the code.

Hi Erik

Grapecity/Wijmo is evolving their systems, a lot of things were improved after our development, and we are now looking back to see what can be done better.

Thank you for the feedback, I will open an improvement task so the team can analyse your suggestions.

Kind Regards

Ricardo Valim