Populating dropdown according to roles


Actually, i m working on Reactive Web App. In that i want to do a functionality,like at the time of filling the form there must be dropdown populated according to the roles like when Admin is filling doctor's detail there must be only doctor's name in that dropdown, like it must only show the name Rohit Jaswani in the drop down as of now there is only one doctor created and assigned role as doctor , but it also showing other names of different roles assigned:

as i have already created users :

and assigned already created roles to them :

 As, i have tried by my side but still i m facing problem to execute this thing. Could anyone please help me out like how this could be done. It will be very helpful for me. Also, i m attaching .oml file of application for your reference.Will wait for your kind revert.

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You could use a client variable to save the user's role after he enters the system. And use this Client to filter your Aggregate. 

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