Resize and save an image from an URL



I am relatively new to OutSystems. I am trying to build a reactive application where I can store a thumbnail of an image given an URL:

- I have a text input for the user to write the image external URL;

- There's an image widget that displays the image from the external URL;

- The database saves only the URL;

I would like my application to fetch the image and resize it (all client-side) to a thumbnail and then save the thumbnail in a binary data field. If possible, I would like to avoid downloading the image and saving it in the device, I would prefer to just have the resized image saved as binary in the binary data field.

I don't know yet which is the best way (or any way yet) to go to achieve this.

Thanks in advance!


I am not sure why you want everything on client side. You can call a server action and pass the image URL, which can then use HTTP Get action to get the image, use any of the forge component to resize the image and return the binary of the resized image for further processing.



One thing you have to take into account is that if you do everything on the client side, as soon as you lose the session, you will also lose all the information stored in the local storage.


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