Hi All,

I'm using BPT API Process Delete.

I would like to know reason and when the below 3 errors will occur

- The process instance does not exist;
- The process instance is not a top level process instance;
- The process instance is not terminated or closed.

Thanks in Advance,

Ajithkumar Radhakrishnan

Hi Aji,

Process does not exist

This means you've tried to delete one that does not exist, either the id is wrong or it has already been deleted.

Not a top level process instance.

You can design your BTP where you instantiate other processes within a process. Something like sub processes, where the parent process is waiting for the sub process to finish. 

So, if you try to delete an instance that has a parent, it won't allow you since the parent would be inconsistent.

Not Terminated or Closed

The process can not have any active activities, so you must make sure you are only deleting closed or terminated processes or terminate them before deleting them.

Keep looking at the documentation for BPT and API.

Hope this helps