Multi-select using checkboxes

Multi-select using checkboxes

Is it possible in 5.1 to use one variable with multiple checkboxes (like the radio buttons) so that it will allow users to select more than one option and still save it into one variable separated by a semi-colon or something?


Hi Josh,

The quick answer is no, you can't.
I would suggest you do it through the  "onChange" action of those checkboxes you need.

You can also use a ListBox Widget, but it will also require coding.

Hope it helps,
Hermínio Mira
Hi Joshua....something like the list bulk selection widget in the richwidgets?
Unfortunately, I can't use the list box widget to fake a multi select option for this project that I've been working on.  In this scenario, I have to try and mimic a paper form that is being faxed into our system and moved into our OutSystems environment for viewing or changing the data.

Maybe in future projects I can use the list box widget instead.

Thanks for the help though.

Joshua but as Hermínio said, you can assign the values as you want if you use the onchange property of the checkboxes.

You have to code, but its possible. In the onchange  action you can assign the value to a screen variable and adding and removing as you want.
You might want to create an entity in your eSpace with boolean variables for all the checkboxes and it would be a lot easier than using a text variable with all the values separated by semi-colons, this would then become a simple read/write to the DB.
Hi Joshua,

Don't know if you still have this problem, but here's an example on how to do something similar
Here's a simpler version that uses the ListUtils component
Hi!! I am new in outsystems (a fresh beginer!!!) and I have a task to change the logic of a checkBox list. I have multiple item on the selections with diferent options each! So my goal is to make a multiple selection, which means, after one item is selected the others must be selected as wel at the same time and the same should hapen if one of them is uncheked.
I get the item with a query parameter and after I get the selected items with another query I made a cicle for this action.
How can I change this logic?