Add to cart function is not working in my online shopping app

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I am working on online shopping application. I have created one product gallery page to show all products and when i click on specific product, it will show button "Add to cart". There is also quantity and total amount. Here I have used badge number widget for cart. 

I am confused that how can i show only those products which user wants to add to cart.

Attached are screenshots.


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Let me see if I understand...You want just to show the products that user add to cart? If it's that, you can store the selected products Ids and their quantities, and then filter the data fetched to fill the screen by those values.

You can create a table for that (something like "Request" or "CartOrder") where you store ProductId and Quantity (you can work with that to store the final request and all data you need). When you want to show those products, just join that table with the products table to get all data you need for each product existing in cart.

Is something like that that you need?

Hope this can help.

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Ricardo M Pereira