Populate local storage with static records and logic to add dynamically new values

I want to populate a local storage entity with static records
and implement logic to add dynamically new values with
an input and a button.

Attached an oml sample project.

Hi Giorgos,

You can use list variable to show the static records and append the records of entity into the same list.

Enter the value into the input field and on click of button please follow the below steps

Step 1: use create or update node to add value into entity  

Step 2: append that element into the list variable

Step 3: refresh the list widget use in your screen.

Hope this will helps you.



Vipasha Sharma would you be so kind if your times allows you to extend the oml provided.
Still new with outsystems and to implement the above steps takes immense amount of time until i get the handles. Thanks a lot for your Feedback.



I have added logic to create a record into Local storage entity, Please find attached oml, hope that will resolve your problem


Hi Vipasha Sharma, as you suggested i created a List variable.
I try to assign to it the values from a static Entity in OnInitialize
but is failing.

Can you have a look on the OML please.

Thanks a lot.