Agile Platform 4.1 will be discontinued in September, 2010

3 years have passed since the release of the Agile Platform 4.1. Therefore, under our support and maintenance policies, the Agile Platform 4.1, in both its .NET and J2EE versions, will be discontinued in approximately 2 months, by September 6, 2010.
This means that all support and maintenance services will become unavailable to customers using the OutSystems Platform 4.1 or any older version.
Since the release of 4.1, three additional versions have been launched with exciting new features such as rich AJAX patterns, direct connection to external databases, Business Process Technology, IntelliWarp, SEO Friendly URLs, Automated Documentation, Multiple Database Catalogs and Schemas and a large number of improvements on the TrueChange engine, on performance and scalability and on the overall productivity. Upgrading will allow you to leverage the new capabilities and keep taking advantage of the OutSystems' Product Support excellence.
To know "What's new in the Agile Platform" for the most recent versions, please refer to the following documents:
·         What’s New in the Agile Platform 5.1
·         What's New in the Agile Platform 5.0
·         What's New in the Agile Platform 4.2
Should you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to reply to this thread or contact
Best Regards,
                Pedro Oliveira
Hi again,

Just wanted to post here a reminder that in September version 4.1 will be discontinued.

I strongly encourage anyone still using it to upgrade as soon as possible to continue to benefit from patches and technical support (not to mention the great new features we've built in the mean time).

Best Regards,
    Pedro Oliveira
Just a reminder that September the 6th is next Monday. As such that's the date when support for 4.1 finishes.