[IdP Mobile] Invalid Username after successful Azure AD Login

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Published on 20 Mar by Telmo Martins
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Published on 20 Mar by Telmo Martins

We are in the process of establishing SSO, and have gone through the process of setting it up under the Users Application, using the new SSO support for reactive applications, only to find that Mobile is not supported at all, and the IdP component is the preferred solution there, so currently working through getting SSO working via IdPMobile.

Using the demo IdP Mobile Application, after successfully logging in Azure Ad, the redirect back to /IDP/SSO.aspx renders a "Unable to Process your request", "Invalid Username" error.

Looking for support on working out why this is and how to fix it.

Originally we had setup the SSO via the Users Application for our Reactive Web App, and the User generated from that SSO process is already in our Users Application, but modifying the Name and Username of that user doesn't change the outcome.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Bruce,

I think the issue there is the mapping of the claims-identity defined in Azure vs. the once declared in the IdP configuration. Maybe that's a good starting point to check.

Thank you and kind regards,