Support for Google Visualization API and EXT GWT

Support for Google Visualization API and EXT GWT

If anyone has free time, consider supporting sencha EXT GWT


You might also want to support Google Visualization API
Hi Robert,

Support for Ext GWT doesn't make much sense in the platform since the Agile Platform replaces GWT. Ext GWT is, however, the marriage of ExtJS with GWT. As for
using ExtJS with applications built with the Agile Platform, it can be done the same way you can use other JavaScript libraries. You can include the needed scripts as resources of your eSpace and prepare WebBlocks that relate to the ExtJS widgets. You could have a look at the RichWidgets which essentially does that.

Google's Visualization API consists mainly on requesting images to Google which have chart configuration and data in the URLs (see the documentation). You can also easily create WebBlocks that take records / recordlists as input parameters and parse them to create an unescaped expression that prints <img src="Google Visualization API URL" />. You can go on and create such WebBlocks as you see you need new types of charts, etc, or however you see it fits you better.

Both are easy to accomplish using the platform!