Convert object to record list

Convert object to record list

How can i convert a object to a record list. So a can access to the data.


edit: i'm trying to do this in C# extension.

i have a similiar question, i dont know if this is what you wanna do, but what i am try to do is:
I have 2 object, but this 2 object are a record list., i dont send them as a record list, because the structure can be diferent, so i will send them as a object.
How can i convert in c# the object to a record list?

p.s.: the definition of each attribute, i will get them from the database.
Hello António,

Find attached an extention from Epopeia's R&D that converts an object to a record list (both source object and target recordlist must be of the same type and on the same espace).

Be advised that this may not be supported by OutSystems and is extremely powerfull - use with caution and at your own risk.

Actually we use it in Pordata due to extremely complex dataset manipulation and smart machine resource allocation.

Best Regards,
Afonso Metello

i am trying, but i am doing something wrong. The lenght is always 1, when the lenght is 3.

In attach is the oml and the xif
Hi again,

You're not doing anything wrong - our algorithm is designed to pass only one record.

I've changed the extension and now full record list is being iterated - you don't need to change a thing on your espace.

Best Regards,
Afonso Metello

Hi Afonso,
i solved that issue and now i am sending just one record, and use your first xif, but now, how can i access to the data in the record in c#?

Thanks for the help.


you might look into the xmlrecords extension.

it converts a record-list to xml and vice versa.

thanks, this really helps