OutSystems Service Studio-11.7.4 on MacOS Catalina

Has anyone successfull installed OutSystems Service Studio-11.7.4 on MacOS Catalina?

I have follow this instruction given on OutSystems Service Studio-11.7.4 but still can't get it work.

The installation sounds finish after .Net 4.7 being installed. I can saw following pop up just flashed and closed (have been trying few times to get this screen shot) when I opened the application and nothing happend after that.

Please help if you have any idea what was going wrong.

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Which version of CrossOver has downloaded? There is issue with 19.0.1, go for 18.5.0

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This could be the case that 19.0.1 being the latest has been pulled. Knowing the issue, I would have downloaded the 18.5.0 and install it explicitly. Once CrossOver is installed, then go for OutSystems installation.

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I am facing the exact same problem, I have MacOS Catalina and I have tried downloading on two separate macbooks and the same problem persists. Everything finishes installing but once I try to open the outsystems application, the same pop up appears, closes on its own and nothing happens. I would really like to use the application but it is impossible to get running. If anyone has any solutions or tips, please feel free to share.

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I finally got OutSystems working on mac! The problem for me was that I was not using the latest version of MacOS Catalina. I am now using MacOS version (Catalina 10.15.6) with OutSystems version (OutSystems Service Studio-11.7.4 (Build 17634).dmg). I was able install and get it working. The only problem is that a few "developer cannot be verified" popups show up every time I open the application but I just close all of the popups (should take around 30 seconds or so). Hope this helps!

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I have got this work at last after another attempt (it has to be 5th or 6th attempt). It works after I restart the Mac once get the .Net 4.7 installed (the last step being executed when first open the application).

After restart and launch the application again I can ses all the pop ups mentioned by Kevin Arias. Once closing all the pop ups (about 20 - 30+ of them!) and the application has been launched successfully.