Storing retrieved API data in the database

We are using a mobile application within our organization to view the summary of the scheduled jobs (Autosys/Control-M jobs) status, whether the job is running/completed/ missed SLA and still running / not started at all than its usual schedule etc. We are using the Rest API from above jobs to fetch the status. So when a user clicks on a card to view a job status, the REST API fetches the data from background and displays in the mobile App. 

Now, we are planning to show the trend of a job (start time, completion time etc) for the last 30 days in OutSystems. We are planning to show an icon in the page of job status, upon clicking which it will land on the history trend page.

What would be the best way of storing this data in OutSystems? Since the current design just invokes an API call to fetch current status. But to include the trend analysis for the job, the storing mechanism must be designed. We are planning to do this via Timers. But, we have around 50 Rest API's which means 50 timers to be executed for this. Is there any optimized way of doing it? Kindly share your thoughts guys!

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Hi Somesh,

Given what you described I think we have a good article detailing integration patterns that can help you take the best route: Integration Patterns for Core Services Abstraction 

Even though the goal of this article is to guide you on how to abstract data from an integration service, it goes through several ways of implementing cache given the requirements you have at hand.

Hope this helps :)