Reactive Web Question for PDF Creation and Pattern

Hello Everyone,

I have the following 2 questions...

1. What would be the best module in the forum I can use to create PDF documents dynamically, for say loan agreements and other official documents on the platform. Something that would populate user information such has name, address, date, etc as well as contain static legal information.,

2. Does OutSystems have a pattern that is seen on a lot of financial websites. Where a PDF of say a loan agreement or disclosure is in a window and the user must stroll down with the window's stroll bar to the very bottom before a message is rendered, asking user  to check the box, essentially acknowledging they read the agreement and agree to the terms in the PDF. 

I have not see any pattern out there for this but would be nice to know if there is a way to mimic this functionality.



Hi Otis,

Check this component Reactive PDF JS Viewer or Ultimate PDF in forge. They both can achieve the functionality you are looking for. In order to build a dynamic PDF page, build a page with all the dynamic content and then pass the URL of the page to the component to generate the PDF.



Hi Otis,

To generate pdf ,  Htmltopdf and the Ultimate pdf are the components that can help generating the pdf dynamically.

For the pattern that you mentioned AFAIK there is no such pattern available but with Outsystems it very easy to build any required pattern or screen.

Outsystms UI is very powerful UI engine which allows you to create beautiful and complex UI easily!