EnterpriseManager: Organization

#1 Organization: What is the different between "Create New Company" and "Create New Node"?
#2 Organization: How is  "functional Group" used?

I think you can make up your mind yourself :)

Don;t have access to EM myself here, but my guess is

a Node is just a placeholder to group companies
or a typo :)

Functional Group is used by yourself.
Every company, structure has groups but some groups are divided by Location or more like Organisation.

Bottom line, use EM as you see fit.

Hi Robert,

From what is my understanding, a Node is like a Company Department, or a Company Division or whatever group type you wish to add.
A company is just a root node. The difference is that nodes always have to be inside a company.

As for functional groups....Sometimes in a company you have cross Department groups, to work on a specific subject.

For example a functional group could be "Head of Departments", and it would include several users from different Departments (in this case the Departments Leaders)...

Did I make myself clear?

Best Regards,

Diogo C S Cordeiro