Issues in using Advanced Excel and Richmail for sending attachments

Hi All,

I am trying to use RichMailPart (RichMail) to send an attachment formatted using Advanced_Excel.

After formatting I am using the Workbook_GetBinaryData to get the formatted excel and send it as input to Richmail_Part. But the attachment I am getting in the mail is of '.txt' extension and it has the text "The attachment was removed."

The same RichMailPart is working fine if I send the outsystems RecordListToExcel binary. The same GetBinaryData is working fine too if I download the binary using Outsystems download action.

Can you please suggest a solution if you have used it before or any other alternative for sending an formatted excel attachment in mail.

Thanks and Regards,

Shubham Deshpande.

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Hi Shubham Deshpande,

Can I first ask what requirements force you to use the RichMail extension instead of the more common integrated approach described here (and here for configuring the environment to be able to send emails)?

You may want to check the documentation of the RichMail extension (and its RichMailPart action) following what's described in this post.