Installation and IIS (automatic restart)

Installation and IIS (automatic restart)

Hi Carolina,

Yes, IIS is restarted automatically as well as all OutSystems services.

Tiago Simões

Sorry I deleted the post by accident. This was my question and thank you for the answer.

I need to install OutSystems 5.1 on a datacenter server. My questions are:
- Does the installation restarts IIS automatically?
- What else will be restarted automatically without my control?
I ask you this because there's a rule agreed with the datacenter that for every restart, I need to ask for permission.
So I need to be prepared before starting to install all stuff.
Thank you in advance!
Hello Carolina

Just to give some more context, if you performing a fresh installation of the Agile Platform 5.1 on that datacenter server, it's possible that due to the software requirements, you might need to restart other services or even the server.

For instance, if Service Packs are required for the Operating System, or just even the .NET Framework.

For more details on the software requirements, please refer to the installation checklist 5.1.


Miguel Simões João
Thank you for your messages.
As far I experienced, beside Outsystems services, only for the IIS restart I got a question "Do you want to restar IIS?" (After using the Configuration Tool).
Is there any windows service or any other that restarts without asking me? I mean, in the background, that I should list to inform the datacenter?
Because IIS and OutSystems services I know that happen..
Regarding to the Service Packs and other pre-installation required steps and items mentioned in Checklist, I'm ok, I have everything under control hehehe.
I'm concerned only to know from you if there's something that happens in the background (during installation step), without asking me... so when someone comes to me asking why I did this or that, I need to know what to answer.
But I think it's just IIS and OutSystems services - and it's manual -, so it's ok!!
Thank you!!