IIS7 Shared Configuration

IIS7 Shared Configuration

Hi Guy's,

while I was configuring a new node for our production platform I came a cross a feature within IIS 7 called shared configuration. So I thought I'd try it out.
we have in total 9 appplication pools with over 150 espaces so configuration can be a real pain.
So activating this shared configuration really did the whole configuration for me! EPIC.
BUT! it seems the outsystems platform doesn't really like things being done form them, before they've done some suff themselves :)
the deployment service on the newly created machine couldn't handle the configuration and told me nicely todo everything myself :(
so I ended up with disabeling the shared configution
Now the node is deploying all 150 espaces, then I'm gonne reactivate the shared configuration again, and see if the platform will still run :)
The 3 nodes are all in the same zones so they will get the same espaces.
For now I'll just use the "shared configuration feature" to copy the configuration from 1 node to the other, but I don't think I can keep it activated.

Does outsystems have any white papers on using this shared configuration feature?

ok, looking a bit deeper in the "shared configuration" of IIS7 I think It will not properly work with the outsystems platform :(
1 thing that will never be the same on all nodes, is the timestamp on the space in the runnint folder

Node 1
D:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\running\Activities.246647711
Node 2
D:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\running\Activities.1382692342

Hi Louis

Unfortunately, the IIS 7 Shared Configuration doesn't work well on the Agile Platform context. As you've found out, the folders of the deployed applications are different from front-end to front-end, so this means that the virtual directory application path will not be the same between front-ends.

At the moment, there's no whitepaper or technical note regarding the usage of IIS 7 shared configuration on the Agile Platform context, and as it is, it will impact the normal operations of the Agile Platform if used.

I'll forward your feedback to the OutSystems R&D, and hopefully, we will support it in a future version.


Miguel Simões João