Code behind of outsystems generates .asxp pages/web forms

Outsystems is such a nice low code platform and really easy to use and also with great performance. However there is one thing that i noticed, that the output it generates is rather in the form of .aspx files (Web forms).

The question is, is there any particular reason for choosing technology behind the scenes is .aspx pages(web forms), instead of creating ASP.Net MVC page or ASP.NET MVC (Core) pages?

Really eager to understand the reason

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Hi Sachin,

Going to guess here but... when OutSystems Traditional Web applications where roled out that was likely the current technology. Times have changed, and so did OutSystems, but existing installed base and customers may have prevented major changes in the established technology stack, as that would likely have a profound impact on existing applications.

With the launch of Mobile applications support in 2016 (and Reactive Web applications last year) the technology stack has evolved, as well as the programming model. Modern OutSystems applications are built as Reactive Single Page Applications. The underlying screen building technology is no longer ASP.net but ReactJS.

Hope this sheds some light.