Adding a tag in the HTML

Adding a tag in the HTML


So, I really need to add a <link> tag to my HTML and it's not because of a CSS external file.
I've referenced the HTTPRequestHandler and I was able to add some meta tags I needed also. But no luck with link tags.
I would like to avoid solutions like placing it there with JavaScript and such... Anyone has any ideas?

Thank you!
Hi Pedro,

You could use HTTPRequestHandler.AddPostProcessingFilter("<\/title>","</title><link.../>") in the preparation of your web screen.

Tiago Simões
Hello Tiago,

Unfortunately I don't have that "AddPostProcessingFilter" in my version of HTTPRequestHandler and I really can't change it..
So, I'm wondering, isn't there any other way? Also, it would be much better if I could just write that directly to the HTML so I didn't have to add those through preparation therefor consuming resources to add those tags every time a page is requested.

Thank you,
Pedro Magalhães