[Reactive] Issue with range slider OnChange event


I'm using the Range Slider in Reactive web app. I configure it but when I use the returned value of the event, the slider go to the initial value.

I've attached a file with an example with two sliders. In the first one, the value is used and in the second the value isn't used. You will noticed the behavior of the first slider is rare.



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Hi Alvaro,

I think was the issue in the range slider widget, But I have made some changes in your logic its worked for me. It could be work around solution. I am attaching the  oml file take a look. I hope this will help you.




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Hi Alvaro, 

Once you try follow the steps given below.

Hope this will help you.

Vijay M-

Thank you for your answers. The solution works for that case. But my real case it's different and the bug with the range slider OnChange event block me.

I've attached the new oml with Screen2 (the workaround) and with a button that execute a JS interval. If you start the debug, you will notice that the OnChange event is called every second. You also can see that if you move the second slider, this return to the initial value each second.

Therefore, I need to notify this to OutSystems, how can I do it? vía support ticket?


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Hi Alvaro, Did you manage solved this issue? I'm having the same issue. Thank you 

Hi Paul,

I opened a ticket reporting this issue. They told me they will revise it. I suppose isn't still solve.