Dear forum,

I need to urgently kill some solutions upload that are running for more than 12h (I believe they deadlocked each other, because I started more in parallel with common modules between each other)..

Restarting services didn't work. Publishing individually one module at which one of the solution got stuck didn't work neither.



Did you restarted the server ?

Hi Sabou,

Which services did you restart?

Can try to restart deployment controller service.

Our application manager restarted services, from lifetime. 

I'm not sure if that one restarts the server or the deployment controller service.

If you're on a On-Premise, you can just restart the Deployment Controller via IIS. If you're on a Cloud Environment, kindly restart it via LifeTime just like what you showed there.

If all else fails, kindly create a Support Ticket so Outsystems Support can assist you with it as soon as they can do so.

Thank you!

We are on Cloud environment and we already restarted services..

I tried to find a solution here because usually support tickets take quite long

Thank you for the support

Unfortunately for some cases, the response may not be that urgent especially if it is a lower environment.

I would kindly suggest disabling the app in Service Center that could stop locks (assuming no impact on your users).

Please investigate your service center's environment health to see what the concerns are if there are any.

Also. Please do review the Application's architecture to avoid long running solutions as sometimes there are cyclic dependencies that could cause this to go on and on until it times out or if your deployment controller has been restarted.

Feel free to keep on tossing your analysis here so we can continue to support you as you wait for OS Support to respond and assist you with your concern.

Eventually solved

Together with my team we did the following:

For each long running solution, we dissociated all components and left just one module (an empty solution can't be uploaded). We started republishing the solutions in this way one by one.

Eventually, all finished running, because the latest publish overwritten the long running one.