Doesn't show data in a row in a table

I have to output data in a table. The strange thing is that it shows all the data except one.

I have an action "GetPledgeAddressUNI" that shows the addresses. So it shows all addresses except "PledgeDop"

I am in the action "PrintFinalDecision" trying to display addresses through the xml code 

Everything works except PledgeDop

My assign in "PrintFinalDecision"

Please try to debug the application and during the step by step process, you can analyze further where and why it hasn't been assigned to that local variable.

If there is data, please analyze the widget you are using.

Let me know your progress and feedback so I and other OS community consultants can help you further.



May not be able to assist quite clearly, if you wouldn't mind sharing the OML then maybe I can help assist with checking, but on a high level perspective, please check your queries inside the function if it is gathering it correctly or if there is truly a data that your input parameter can align with inside that function.

If you are using Traditional Web, please double check if you have "ajax refresh" or "refresh data" in addition, try running test queries on your aggregates or advance sql to validate behind the logic if the value of the parameter you are passing is correct.

Thank you!

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Hi kan2332,

If your PledgeDop variable is empty, something must have happened and your XML is definitely not correctly written... and given your last Assign adds a simple text to the existing PledgeDop contents and not even that is present, I'm guessing there may be an exception being raised somewhere that is being silently handled.

Do you have an exception handler that could be hiding an exception happening during the generation of the PledgeDop's XML content? I'd suggest you toggle the Exception button on your debugger so the debugger will break whenever an Exception is raised, whether it is handled or not.

Hope this helps!