Process and Delete Espace

I got a problem with Espace that i delete and publish again, since he already got one espace with the same name he create another tables end with 1 (ex: OSUSR_SU8_REQUEST1). Everything works normal but process got a huge problem,.
Could not execute a built-in/extended action on activity 'GetEmailAllHR' (#3631) because the activity does not exist.

If i open the error:
Time of Log:
2010-07-23 11:49:29
eSpace Name:
Tenant Name:

The activity stays open and only close 5min after i approve, and i think its because he is trying to get to the activity from all the espace with the name HR_Time and the Tenant ID from the activity its diferent from the HR_Time (deleted1)  and exception its create, then he try the next espace until he got the correct one.

Hi Hugo,

did you send this information to If not, please do.