Hi all, 

I am trying to change an editable table so that 

  1. the Add Row button is at the top (different location)
  2. and the row that will be added will also be shown as the first row of the table.

I have followed the suggested solution from here for my first step: https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/18087/editable-widget-table-change-position-of-add-record/ 

But I am having issues because once the "Add Row" button is clicked, the following happens to my editable table:

I appreciate any kind of help, thanks!



According to your grid list, the UI of the first column of the list is deteriorating, all the other columns look fine, the calendar icon in the first column has top up. If you manage it by CSS then the he rest of the UI will also be fixed.


Vijay M-