Early Access Features are now called Technical Previews

Hello, dear OutSystems community!

I hope that this message finds you are all well and safe.

As you may know, in O11, OutSystems introduced the concept of Early Access Features. We are now changing that terminology: Early Access Features will now be called Technical Previews. Excepting the name, everything else remains the same.

Why the change?

We are doing this change to improve communication and eliminate the confusion between Early Access Features and Early Access Programs (EAP).

Although both concepts are related to new capabilities that OutSystems are introducing into the product before they’re generally available so that you can enjoy new development possibilities sooner, they are completely different in terms of interaction. While Early Access features (now called Technical Preview) are capabilities that you can proactively turn on and use them at your own will, to use a capability provided in an EAP, you will need to apply it. Only after analyzing the applications, OutSystems will end up selecting the participants that will be onboarded in the program and only those will be able to take advantage of the feature.

Starting today, with the release of LifeTime 11.7.0, OutSystems release terminology and product documentation, like this page, already reflects this change (mentioning that the now called features in Technical Preview were previously known as Early Access features). Other OutSystems products besides LifeTime being released, will also have this naming change in place when needed.

Thank you, and stay safe!

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Thank you for notifying Tiago.

The forum Early Access Features may also need a rename update as "Technical Previews"?!



Thanks Tiago for the update !

Thanks for update!

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Thanks Tiago for the information!

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Thanks for update! the different name should remove any confusion in the names