Help with logic - form and table record

I'm having trouble creating the following flow correctly, his intention is that it doesn't allow entering a title in table records twice.

The problem is that when this situation happens once, it is not possible to make new inserts, even if they are not in the table record.

When I did the debugger I realized that once the variable hasMovie receives the value true it remains so, no matter how much it starts a new analysis in the flow.

Can someone let me know what I'm doing wrong And how can I fix this error?

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Jessica Marques. 


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Hi Jessica,

You need to reset the value of your variable to False before the ForEach or it will stay always True after found a duplicated name. Every time your action runs the hasMovie variable should start at False because ForEach cycle didn't run yet, ForEach cycle controls when variable should be set to True or stay False.

Hope it helps!


Miguel Chaparra