How to include single quote ' in the aggregate filtering

Anybody know how to include the single quote in the aggregate?

I have added the single quote in the filter of aggregate but it prompt error.

Hi Jessica,

You can try and add a second single-quote character next to the first one. The filter would become:

Hall.Name like "%" + "TEST''" + "%"

Hope this helps!

Sorry, not work.

It have another error

Hi Jessica,

Can you please share the value of the Executed SQL property when you have your aggregate open?

That might help understand the issue. Also, what is the database engine you are using? Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server?

I am using Outsystem's built-in entity

Thanks, can you now try your original filter and also share the Executed SQL please?

Regarding the database you are using, are you using an OutSystems cloud environment (either Personal Environment or Enterprise Environment)? or is your environment on-premises (installed on your organization's servers) and if so, what is the database engine is the environment using for all the entities?  

I have enclosed my testing module with aggregate having single quote in the filter.

Also, i am using cloud enterprise environment.

Thank in advance



Create a local variable and use it on the filter. The modified oml file attached.



Thank. It works.

Does it be the known issue in the Outsystems?

Jessica Lee wrote:

Thank. It works.

Does it be the known issue in the Outsystems?

 Why do you ask, are you considering this to be a bug in OutSystems?


No, I don’t mean it is a bug.

Just want to know whether it will be enhanced in coming planned release.