i need help or someone interested to do a project with!

i need help or someone interested to do a project with!

i am busy writing a system that is, a database that will create vendors, listing and editing which is easy and have been done already. the trick here is the random selection of vendors that would be used and the return of the ones that did not qualify, whilst the winner gets sidelined until all others of the same industry get a chance. it is a system that has a potential for commercialization. therefore anyone who has the experience and is interested can mail me directly to the following: tshegetsang@gmail.com

i am still a novice in outsystems but i am learning everyday, currently i am using the latest version.


Kagisho (ZA)
Hi, I am not quite sure if i understood what you need, but here's a try :

you can try using the random function from sql. Check the post http://www.petefreitag.com/item/466.cfm

For the ones already selected once, you can register them in a separate table.

Hope it helps,

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Diogo C S Cordeiro
thanks for the response, i will try it.
I can explain further what i wan't but my fear is the competitors in my country. if you can give me your email address or drop me an email to the following address tshegetsang@hmail.com i'll be glad to share the inform with you!