Datepicker calendar positioning in popup dialog

In my mobile app, using OutsystemsUi Datepicker widget for date selection. Below are my conditions where I've used the widget - 

  1. I've popup dialog in which has input's for From & To date selection
  2. End of each input has calendar image. Calendar image id set to Datepicker ButtonWidgetId property to hide/show Calendar
  3. My application base theme is OutsystemMobile theme not OutsystemUI theme

I've implemented everything but when I click Calendar image to show Datepicker calendar for date selection, its not fitting within my screen. Calendar hiding under my screen.

So, I didn't understand how to solve this. 

Also I've created demo application with base OutsystemsUi theme & there Datepicker calendar auto positioned according to available space on screen.

Find below attached image for more understanding -

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance


I think that the best for your is to inspect the element and try to understand what i tis going on with the layout.

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