Force a new record on a form (clear the widgets)

This is a traditional web application.

Service Studio 11.8.4

The way this form works is:

  • An Outcome Measure is selected (on the left – 1st table).
  • The sub-categories for the selected Outcome Measure is displayed in the 2nd table.
  • The user selects the Sub-category from the list in the 2nd table.
  • The 3rd entity (a form to record measurement details) is displayed for the user to enter the information.
  • The user clicks on the “Save” button to store the record in the database.
  • The user repeats the process for all the different kinds of measures.

The problem is, when the user selects the next sub-category, the Measurement form should clear so that new information can be entered. But it does not clear. It remains in edit/update mode.

My question is, how do I force a new record (i.e., clear the screen)?

Thank you.

Leon Holmes

Hi Leon,

OutSystems traditional forms have this gotcha.

When you refresh, you need to explicitly bind the query to the form. In other words, after the query you do an assign Form = query. Or in your case, form = empty record.



Thanks João,

I gather this from the discussion on a similar problem raise by other users. But I need more elaboration on the solution.

What I think you are saying is, At the end of the action I should drag an assign widget and set the table form record to an empty record.  How do I set-up the "empty record"? 

I am still a beginner with OutSystems.


It is exactly what I am saying.

For the empty record, you can create a local variable on the action of the same type of the form and then you assign that local variable (which starts empty) to the form, thus "cleaning" it.


Thank you very much.  The problem has been resolved.