New Web based app and database for doorstep-delivery of milk and bread

New Web based app and database for doorstep-delivery of milk and bread


I am doing research of what product will be best for my needs and would appreciate some comments and input from the experts:

I would like to create a system where the customers can change existing orders, can register as new customers alike; so email addresses and passwords is best.

I have anly a dozen or two products each with three selling prices depending on the band I will put the customer in.

Users must be able to pick the items they want to be delivered: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Application / System then has to calculate how much he should pay for this order to cover to end of delivery month (Last Friday of each month) (It is okay if I have to enter these dates in advance)

Once payment has been made: NOT BEING PRECESSED THROUGH THE SYSTEM; customers order will be part of the roll-up order I have to get off the system to order from suppliers (Milk and Bread) - A cutt-off point has to control no changes after roll-up has been performed.

Changes during the month needs no funds and the nett; credit or debit must be included as open balance for next months order

In the backend I must be able to change prices, orders, DELIVERED items
I must also be able to add a generic note and a personal note.

Invoices for the order for the month in advance must be calculated for the month and be emailed

Payments received will be keyed into the backend to reflect the effect of payments

Any recommendation on if this is the correct product AND if I will be able to do it myself OR are there programmers tha would like to do it for me; and LASTLY can I move the app to run on my own server?:

If posible copy reply to:

Dear Frits

First of all, welcome to our community.  Before digging into your questions, I would like to tell you that the best way to evaluate the OutSystems Agile Platform is to try it yourself:
  • Download the Free version of the platform – go to and try it yourself on your computer; 
  • Follow the OutSystems Tutorials – open Service Studio and follow the embedded tutorials. It is the easiest way to start learning how to develop OutSystems applications;
  • Understand the features and see the demos – go to and get a comprehensive tour of the several features of the OutSystems Agile Platform; 
  • Follow the (free) OutSystems Online Developer Courses – go to where you can get a fast kick-start in the OutSystems Agile Platform development with videos on the several development subjects; 
I would now like to answer the several questions you left in your message:

Is the OutSystems platform a good match for your requirements?
With the OutSystems Agile Platform you can develop, deploy, manage and maintain highly customized Web 2.0 Applications. This means that you can develop applications that are totally adjusted to your specific business rules. All the layers of the application are created as needed in a visual development environment – Database Model, Business Logic and Web Interface. See the OutSystems Web Development videos to get a very good idea on how web development is done visually in the OutSystems platform.
Answering your question shortly - yes, your system can be developed and is a good match to the OutSystems Agile Platform:
  • You can create the data model that supports your applications in a way that it maps your specific business concepts:
  • You can create the business logic that supports your specific business rules:
    • The delivery can only be done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays;
    • The system must calculate how much he should pay for this order to cover to end of delivery month;
    • The system must track the status of each order (delivered, paid, etc.);
    • The analytics logic to compute business relevant metrics;
    • Etc.
  • You can create the Web Interfaces for the several user profiles accessing the application:
    • A backoffice for product introduction and price configuration for Administrators;
    • An order search screen for delivery and payments management,
    • A client self-provisioning web workflow where clients register themselves;
    • A highly customized login page for clients;
    • A dashboard to monitor business status;
    • etc.
The most important thing about the OutSystems platform that you get an end-to-end visual application development environment, but at the same time you have the flexibility to finely adjust each of the application layers to your specific requirements:
Besides the application development, the OutSystems platform will also support the remaining steps in the life-cycle of a web application. The OutSystems platform gives you the ability to easily deploy, manage and change your application once it is in production. You can get a very good idea of the several capabilities you get from the OutSystems platform by taking a look at the OutSystems Agile Platform tour.
Will you be able to develop the application yourself?
In order to learn how to develop in the OutSystems technology you must know web development concepts (HTTP, HTML, Database Modelling, etc.). You do not have to have low level coding skills to develop OutSystems applications.
This happens because with OutSystems you design/model your applications visually (database, business logic and Web Screens). Based on this visual model, the application low level code (C#, ASP.Net, SQL, etc.) is automatically generated and installed. For this reason, you do not have to have low level coding skills. Nevertheless, as are visually designing business logic, web pages and database models, you have to have Web development concepts. For example, to develop in the OutSystems platform, even though you do not have to know the DDL needed to create a table in the database, you must know how to correctly design a database model (foreign keys, primary keys, data types, etc.).
If you have the required background and the availability to develop your application, you can develop the application yourself.
You have the following resources available online that will help you learn about the OutSystems technology:
  • OutSystems Embedded Tutorials - To get a first overview of how to develop OutSystems applications, download the OutSystems Agile Platform at and follow the tutorials available in the OutSystems Service Studio;
  • The (free) online developer courses 1, 2 and 3 – go to where you can get a fast kick-start in the OutSystems Agile Platform development with videos on the several development subjects. Developer training is free!
Can I move the app to run on my own server?
Yes, you can deploy the OutSystems applications in your own server. That is in fact the normal situation with the OutSystems technology – you install the OutSystems Agile Platform in a Web Server and you then deploy your OutSystems applications to it using our 1-Click-Deployment feature. It is important to understand that the Outsystems platform is installed over a web server architecture (.Net or Java over SQL Server or ORACLE). When you deploy an OutSystems application to that server, what the OutSystems platform does is generating all the components that will run over the web server it is installed on.
To install the OutSystems platform in a server, you need to guarantee that your server complies with the minimum system requirements. In case you are considering installing the OutSystems Community Edition (the free version of the platform) you can see the OutSystems Community Edition system requirements here. For other editions of the OutSystems platform 5.1 see the OutSystems Agile Platform system requirements document here.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Lourenço