Debug / firewall

Debug / firewall

Hi all,

I just moved from one wireless accesspoint to another.
Since then I'm unable to debug my app.

I can go with a browser to <server>/<app>/_ping.aspx (read in another post)

What protocols / ports needs to be opened ?
Hi Joop,

The OutSystems debug is fully done using the HTTP port 80 or HTTPS port  433 (like the defined in the section 5.3 Connectivity needs ? map of open ports for  Users in the Agile Platform 5.1 - Systems Requirements document).

I suppose one of the reasons that can originate that problem is poor network quality.

What error does Service Studio display when the application debug stops?
Do you see any errors in the OutSystems server Event Viewer when the error occurs?


Daniel Lourenço
Hi Joop,

if i can remember i had the same problem in 5.0 and it was related to the number of requests and it was a rule in firewall that was locking those requests.