Send emails after a certain period of timer

Hi everyone

I am working on a reactive application.

I have a flow that pertains to something like this:

User upload an item and then enters a approver name. After user click on send email, an email will be send to the approver's email id.

1.) I have a separate page for approver. And in the email I need to provide link to this page with that particualr item id(which he has submitted) in the link. How to achieve that as username and password need to be required to access that page(as it is not anonymous)

2.) When I send an email, I store that currentdate time and I need to send the reminder email again after 2 days if not approved.How to achieve it ? I have an idea that we can run a timer after every 5 min and then in the action can check whether it is approved or not. If not approved, just send the email again. But is there any other ways to achieve this?

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Hi Shubham,

Did you actually search the forum already on this topic?

There are some discussions on this topic:

I personally would consider to use BPT for this, as your process is already an approval flow. The first link I shared should then particularity be useful for you.