Redirect On Login after successfull Login

Hi All,

I have one problem when user login successfully it redirects on same screen again,

not going to dashboard page.

can anyone suggest what i am doing wrong.

Thanks In advance.

Amogh Mishra


HI Amogh,

Can you check Have you set Default screen dashbord.

see below image-




What a silly mistake i did.

Thanks @Rahul.

I have the same issue, thought I have default screen defined. 

I had similar issue, turns out that OutSystems only allow 1 session per user, it would be great to allow new logins, or concurrent logins - but as of now 1 session per user is still okay as long as we understand that is the case, there are no visual indication on the user interface, so it would easily be mistaken that maybe the user account info is incorrect, or the system is not working.