I am using Traditional Web "Tabs" UI pattern at many levels.

1) Top parent tabs: once user clicks on on of the tabs it will show container which contains 2) another set of Tabs.

The parent tabs should be vertical while the second level tabs should be horizontal.

However setting the "Orientation" property of the sub tabs (


does not affect them and it seems that whatever orientation selected for the top level tabs it will applied to all other tabs in the web page. I tried to customize the css of the tabs but there are too many css classes for them and it didn't work. Any solutions ?

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ok creating a block resolved the issue :) it will have its own css 

actually the issue is not resolved, because when i place the block inside the "TabsContentItem" it inherits the vertical style from the parent tabs. So i still need a solution. The problem is that there are so many css classes for these tabs and it is not a one shot change. i gave it a try but with no luck.