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Hello again, I have found another potential issue with the Dropdown Search widgets. 

I have a use case, where I have a pretty large form (with 30ish fields) for a Safety app. Many of those fields require a choice from large lists. The worst of this is 20,000 items long. 

I have 2 scenarios where I feel I am required to fetch the whole list for the widget.

1. If this is an existing record, the entire list is required so that the selectedItem can show the correct value on the dropdown search

2. if new record, then the entire list is required so that it is possible to find the item using the search functionality. 

So for every Drop down field which is used, I need to fetch data for it, I have tried to filter this as much as possible but there is still quite a lot of data pulled for this. 

It means the UX is much worse than with traditional web as the old AutoCompletes would only load the data required. It is also slowing down the rest of the screen (button groups, text inputs etc) with large loads etc. 

Do you have any tips on how to get around this with Dropdown Search widget? 



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Hi Chris,

In my case, I use search input to search a big table records. In the table records, I use infinite scroll, it will pull data by pagination.

The drop down is merely used to filter the big table records with small list of categories.

Hope that helps

Apologies, Maybe I wasnt clear enough in my original post. 

This unfortunately isnt for a table records, where I have used the Dropdown Search to great effect. 

This is an example of a part of the Form the users fill in. The Fields like Job/Asset have significant amounts of data in them, so it has a detrimental effect on the rest of the fields in the form. 

What I would ideally like is a Dropdown search widget that wouldnt pull in the list of data until the user starts to search, as opposed to needing to fetch that data "At Start"

Thanks for the suggestions.

It is the DropDown Search of your second link that I am having issues with. 

I think I will need to create my own version, using a list item which appears when text is entered to an input.


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Hi Chris,

Please see the attached .oml file

also check out the below Traditional Web component for chunks records u can also manage on reactive.


Hope this helps you

Vijay M-