UltimatePDF - Only downloads 1st page of PDF ( Unable to convert screen to Full PDF)


I have used PrintToPDF Server action from ultimatePDF forge component to download the pdf.I am passing correct URL with parameters.

There is almost 3 page content which needs to be downloaded but after calling PrintToPDF action - pdf file is getting generated with just 1st page. The rest of the pages are truncated and not getting downloaded.

Also, i cross checked the URL by directly browsing it, The screen show full content.

Please let me know if anyone face such issue.



Hey Vani, 

Is this Reactive, Traditional or Mobile? Can you share a screenshot or your input parameters? Also link me to the forge component, I was unable to locate it. The component may be outdated.


Hello Sydney,

I think that Vani was referring to this component: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/5641/ultimate-pdf

Vani, I think you should open a "New Discussion" on the Tab Support of the component to be more efficient and get an answer sooner here: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-discussions/5641/Ultimate+PDF

HI Evryone,

I am working on reactive application.

Yes, i am talking about https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-discussions/5641/Ultimate+PDF component.

I tried to open new discussion in component support tab - It didn't allow me to do so and showed error message - "You don´t have permissions to Create/Edit in this forum." Thus, i created new post here in the forum.

Appreciate your help.



Hi Vani,

You are right, I try it and got the same error: