Highlighting a cell in a table based upon data in another table

I have reviewed all previous posts but cannot implement a solution for my application.

I have two tables as shown here:

Where the Duration <> 0, I would like the Duration cell to change background color to light blue or remain white.

I have tried the Extended Properties "Style" option and set the property to:

If(TimeSlotTable.List.Current.Appointments.Duration > 0, "LBlueHighlight", "")

This is what I put into the CSS Style Sheet:

A second case, which is similar:

In this table, if the record has information that exists in another table, the cell should change background color to light blue. The table's source entity's key is the key to the other table, which has an attribute named "AdditionalNotes".  If there are additional notes existing, the cell background should change color.



Service Studio Version 11

Traditional Web Development application

Hi, Leon.

Try this: 

Select the Cell in Table and change the propertie

And use this: 

If(TimeSlotTable.List.Current.Appointments.Duration > 0, "background-color: lightblue;", "")