development prerequsites for outssystem - Reactive web


Can anyone guide me what are the (list) prerequisites that need to be handy before starting any project development activity (for a Reactive web).

like : Themes, common libraries etc

basically the list should act like a check list as per the standards of outsystems which helps in a smooth progress on development activities.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Madhu,

If you are a traditional web application developer then to understand the flow of reactive web application, once you create a traditional web application with CURD operation by bootstrap file and similar you can create the CURD operation on reactive web application, you will understand the comparison of reactive web and  traditional web application, after that you can help with outsystem documentation can proceed with this.

Vijay M-

Salman Ansari wrote:


Please visit the below links to better understading.

 Thanks Salman, for the quick reply. 

I am looking for details that I should keep in a check list for designing an (integration application) using Reactve web and external data base. It should cover what kind of moudules I have to make (for example, shared modules, libraries, etc). Please help.