how to split the operator using string split

hello everyone,

please give me a solution for, I have a text like this 12+98*12/3 now I need to store the operators using string_split but giving delimiters like this not working.


Hi Ansari,

String_split function is working when you provide one delimiters it split string if delimiter match otherwise not.

suppose if you using String)Split for 12+98*12/3 in case you can provide only one delimiter at one time + than you will get one part of string 12 and other part of string is 98*12/3 than again you need to split.

So in Case you need to use 


pass your string in it and and put your operator if match it will return 0 than you can store this operator  esle -1 return same again check for next operator .

Hope this will help you.


Rahul Sahu


Hi Ansari,

Sometimes the functions are not fully prepared to work according to what we need, so, i created a logic that may help you, converting string into list, oml attached.

See an example in the image below.

In this same attachment is your calculator that needed help in another post.