Navigation Tabs based on list

I have a reactive web app and want to use "Navigation\Tabs" from the OutSystemsUI component.

But the number of tabs should based on a list. In my case I have a static entity "language" and I want to show as many tabs as I have records in my language entity. I created just this basic screen:

But when I open the page in the chrome browser (Chrome) I get several Javascript Errors:

And even stranger is the behavior in the Firefox browser. I get the JS-Error as well, but wenn I write something in the input field the input field disappear.

Does someone else has this behavior? It is a known issue?


Hi Thorsten,

See attached .oml.




Hi Daniel,

strange, the only thing that is different is the container, which contains the tabContentItem and tabHeaderItem. It seams that solves the issue.

Thank you.