Hi All,
I'm developing a timer to send an approval email reminder every 3 days based on the submitted request's company and request type.
The idea is when user submit a request, the request status will in 'pending approval'.The system will capture the ID, creation date/time and status of the request.

But the point is that the module I develop my Timer is in a MAIN module (for administration purpose), the submission/creation of request is control in another module. So now I'm quite confuse where should my timer develop in? If I develop in MAIN, will the timer runs when I submit request? Is it possible to share the timer among modules?


Hi Gwen,

You can't share timers, but you can create an action to wake up the timer and consume that action in another module. Just like this:

Just take into consideration the module where you are creating your timer. Usually, timers are part of the core service layer.

Hope this helps,