[Excel Package] Cell_WriteRange not producing correct data

I'm trying to use the Excel Package component from Forge to create an Excel file, but it's creating an Excel file with nonsense data.

I've attached two screenshots. The first shows the action. The DataSet parameter is set to ToObject(ReportResults), where ReportResults is a List of Structures. The second screenshot shows the Excel file that is produced.

The Excel spreadsheet contains only two columns, with the same two numbers in every row. The ReportResults variable contains over 30 columns, and none of them contain data like what's shown in Excel. This has been confirmed in multiple ways (the variable is bound to a Table Records component in the UI, I've set a breakpoint and checked its contents, and I've successfully used the Record List To Excel component to export the data).

The reason I'm trying to use Excel Package is because I need to export a workbook with two worksheets, so Record List To Excel won't work. The Forge component Advanced Excel looks like it might do the job but it seems to be incompatible with Excel Package, and Excel Package is already used in multiple places in the component, so switching to Advanced Excel would require a lot of work to change existing code. If anyone can help me get this working I'd really appreciate it!

Make that variable a ReportResults a Record List of whatever Structure you have.

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