Quick Tip - List_Navigation not showing or updating

Quick Tip - List_Navigation not showing or updating

I thought I would share something I learned today about the List_Navigation widget. I had it attached to a variety of tables in my eSpace, but it wasn't showing up in on some tables, and for others it was not showing the right information after on-page actions modified the underlying data.

My problem was that I was using a ton of AJAX on my Web Screens, but I was not doing an AjaxRefresh on the List_Navigation widget itself, so while the data and tables were updating, the navigation widget was not aware of the corrected information. Lesson learned: if something happens to cause you to AjaxRefresh the widget that List_Navigation affects, AjaxRefresh the List_Navigation too!

Hope this saves someone the time it took me to figure it out...

Hello Justin,

Style guide rule is to have the list navigation and tablerecords inside a TableRecordsWrapper container (as well as other containers, with no interest here). This way, you shouldn't refresh the tablerecords and list navigation separately, but both of them together, by refreshing the container that owns them.

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Diogo C S Cordeiro
Diogo -

That's good to know! Unfortunately, the List_Navigation documentation does not say this at all, so when someone does it by reading the instructions, they don't find out. :( Getting this posted in the forum is a way of making sure that when someone hits F1 within Service Studio and tries to find out why their List_Navigation isn't working, they know why!

That i have to agree with you, forum is wonderful to clarify this stuff.

I encourage people to look at eSpace Template (in Style Guide) too. There is a lot covered there, and sometimes forum may take too long.