v5.1 What happened to the new Entity Indexes view?

v5.1 What happened to the new Entity Indexes view?

What happened to the new Entity Indexes view? Is it coming back?

Hi Robert.

What do you mean by the "New Entity Indexes view"?



In RC there was a new features that displayed the entity along with it's indexes in the entity tree (indexes were displayed directly below the entity table), when was release, this feature was removed and has not been added ever since RC.
"Entity Indexes are now displayed in eSpace tree, avoiding to open the entity window."
-Manuel Dias on 2010-06-20 18:22

It is a useful feature.
Hi Rob.

Thanks for calling it to our attention.

From my understanding after checking what had happened, it was a last-minute design decision to pull that feature, based on some feedback we had gathered. I am sorry to hear that that decision has not been good for you.

However, that decision is not final, and your own opinion is important. If you want it back, what I strongly suggest is that you create the corresponding idea in the Wisdom of the Crowds (place there a screenshot, if you can), and let's have people vote on it. Hopefully, if the idea gains traction that design decision can be reverted.

I hope this helps.


Paulo Tavares