git configuration with outsystems

Hi ,

I want to integrate OutSytesm with Github repository to share the source code. Anyone please help me with the configuration details to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.


Madhu Sudhan

You can't do this. OutSystems doesn't expose it's source code so that you add it to whatever versioning system. The only time you get access to the source code is when you decide to leave the platform.

Hi Madhu,

That is not how it works with OutSystems, you don't have (at least not for Cloud Infrastructures) access to the generated code (C#, Javascript, html, css3, etc.) Instead the application that OutSystems developers create is stored as meta data in the OutSystems database. For each publication a version is stored, so OutSystems has a version control system build in already, and you don't need a tool like GitHub.

You can however leverage the OutSystems Lifetime Deployment api to store the modules as stored in the Meta data repository into a tool like GitHub. A module is what contains your application code in OutSystems but it is in a proprietary format that is only readable by OutSystems.

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